Here are some of our past and upcoming performances.

Our Performances

  • chat_bubble2019

    A Festive Journey Around Greece

    Sunday 13th October 2019
    Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, W1U 5AS London

  • chat_bubble2017

    Greek Night - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Greek Community of Brighton

    Saturday 18th November 2017
    Venue: Hilton Brighton Metropole.

    Greek Wine Festival

    Saturday 14th October 2017
    Venue: The Greek Larder, Granary Square, Kings Cross.

    Enfield Greek Festival 2017

    Sunday 9th July 2017
    Venue: St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
    All proceeds will go towards maintaining both the Church and Greek school and also to supporting kids charities.

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 18th June 2017
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    Hellenic Engineers Society (Annual Dinner & Dance)

    Saturday 11th February 2017
    Venue: The Grosvenor Hotel London

  • chat_bubble2016

    Greek night - The Greek Orthodox Church "Holy Trinity"

    Saturday 19th November 2016
    Venue: The Grand Brighton

    Thessaloniki from the Cassander to the Crusaders: Faces of a Metropolis through the ages, The Macedonian Society of Great Britain

    Thursday 27th October 2016
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 19th June 2016
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    The London Cruise Show 2016

    Saturday 20th February 2016
    Venue: Olympia London

    Hellenic Engineers Society (Annual Dinner & Dance)

    Saturday 6th February 2016
    Venue: London Hilton Park Lane

  • chat_bubble2015

    The Genocide of Pontian Greeks

    Thursday 22nd October 2015
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 28th June 2015
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    Hellenic Engineers Society (Annual Dinner & Dance)

    Saturday 7th February 2015
    Venue: London Hilton Park Lane

  • chat_bubble2014

    20th Anniversary Celebrations for Hellenic Centre

    Sunday 16th November 2014
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 15th June 2014
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    Hellenic Armed Forces Day Reception, The Defence Attaché of Greece in London

    Tuesday 18th November 2014
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of the Ionian Islands with Greece, The Ionian Society

    Thursday 9th October 2014
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Hellenic Engineers Society (Annual Dinner & Dance)

    Saturday 1st February 2014
    Venue: Dorchester Hotel, London

  • chat_bubble2013

    Dinner at Marina Yacht Club, Brighton

    Saturday 26th October 2013
    Venue: Marina Yacht Club, Brighton

  • chat_bubble2011

    Eurobank christmas party

    December 2011
    Venue: Northumberland Avenue

  • chat_bubble1979 - 2010

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 13th June 2010
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    Greek Tourism Organisation Event (Greek Beach by the Thames)

    18th –27th June 2010
    Venue: South Bank

    Greek Tourism Organisation Event (Promotion of Sitia, Crete)

    Tuesday 11th May 2010
    Venue: Rafayel Hotel, Battersey

    Peloponnesian Association (Celebration of March 25th National Day)

    Sunday 28th March 2010
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Hellenic Engineers Society (15th Anniversary Annual Dinner & Dance)

    Saturday 30th January 2010
    Venue: Dorchester Hotel, London

    Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles (Event to Celebrate the Opening of the Acropolis Museum)

    Friday 15th January 2010
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    EKON Festival 2009

    Sunday 14th June 2009
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Rudolf Steiner School's Event for Greece

    Thursday 17th December 2009
    Venue: Rudolf Steiner School

    Lykion Ton Hellinidon Event (Annual Christmas Lunch 2009)

    Sunday 6th December 2009
    Venue: Royal Thames Yacht Club Hotel, London

    Women's International Maritime Organization & Trade (IMO) Event

    Friday 18th September 2009
    Venue: Millbank

    Municipality Events Zitsas

    Tuesday 28th July 2009
    Venue: Zitsa, Greece

    St. Paraskevi Feast in Aetopetra Village

    Sunday 26th July 2009
    Venue: Aetopetra, Ioannina, Greece

    Greek Tourism Organisation (Global Tourism Event)

    Wednesday 15th July 2009
    Venue: Cannon Street, City

    Greek Festival of Youth Arts

    Sunday 6th May 2008
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Marylebone Summer Fayre

    Sunday 15th June 2008
    Venue: Marylebone High Street

    "The Road to Independence"

    Sunday 4th November 2007
    Venue: Queen's Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

    The Lykion presented, under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece, a spectacular performance, titled ‘The Road to Independence’, based on the tunes, songs and dances that reflect the struggle, desires and customs of the Greeks.

    Blatna Castle, Chezh Republic

    27th–30th September 2007
    Venue: Blatna Castle, Chezh Republic

    Olympic Torch Relay

    26th June 2004
    Venue: Island Gardens

    Celebrating the Olympic Games: Athens 2004

    25th – 27th June 2004
    Venue: Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

    Celebration of the Olympic Games: Dinner Dance for the Hilton Group

    5th June 2004
    Venue: Hilton Kensington

    Farewell Party for Mr.William A.O’Neil, Secretary General

    17th December 2003
    Venue: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

    Weymouth Festival

    27th September 2003

    Foreign Office – "International Day”

    9th May 2000

    Greek Orthodox Charity Organisation, Annual Dinner Dance

    25th March 2000
    Venue: Grosvenor House

    The London Palladium – "Millennium Gala Night"

    23rd January 2000

    Lykion Ton Hellinidon London, Celebrating 20 Years

    7th March 1999
    Venue: Bloomsbury Theatre
    The performance of 7th March 1999, at the Bloomsbury Theatre, to celebrate the Lykion's 20th anniversary is a good example of a pure dance performance. A wide selection of vibrant dances from Asia Minor, the Aegean and Ionian Islands, Thessaly, Macedonia, Trace and Eastern Romilia were on the programme.

    Triennial 98, Cambridge

    22nd July 1998

    Channel 4 – "Big Breakfast”

    25th June 1997

    The Royal Geographic Society

    May 1997

    Hellenic Centre

    16th March 1997
    The performance of the 16th March 1997, at the Hellenic Centre, showed the amalgamation of regional dances, customs and songs sung by the dance performers themselves. The theme was the Greek "traditional wedding" and included the "washing of the wool" and the "karfomata" (from Lefkada).

    The Royal Academy of Dancing

    3rd May 1996

    Hellenic Centre

    17th March 1996

    Millefield Theatre Enfield

    9th March 1996

    Visit of A.H. Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaeos I.

    7th December 1995
    Venue: Alexandra Palace

    Centennial Anniversary of the "London School of Economics and Political Science" (L.S.E)

    10th February 1995

    Sky Travel T.V.

    23rd January 1995

    Hellenic Centre

    3rd – 4th December 1994

    Goldsmiths College

    13th November 1994

    British Museum


    Southbank Festival
    Liverpool Festival
    Cambridge International Folk Festival
    Buxton Festival
    Queen Elizabeth Hall
    1979 – 1989